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Portrait of a Graduate

It is our desire and goal that all CISP students will be developing the following attributes while at CISP and the following characteristics will be evident in the life of a CISP graduate:









Academic Outcomes


The maturing CISP learner will:

♦ be inspired to investigate the many facets of God and His creation as a form of worship;

♦ understand the depth and coherence of the Christian worldview’s perspective on the many facets of creation, that is, to understand that all exists for the glory of God;

♦ develop habits of the imagination, inquisitiveness, and worshipful fascination that will deepen his or her whole life;

♦ develop sound discipline and approaches for investigating creation using diverse methods including mathematical, scientific, technological, historical, artistic, etc.;

♦ display competence in written and oral communication, as well as skillful listening, as a way of loving and respecting others;

♦ be prepared for the rigors of study at a college or university;

♦ display a solid grasp of content in the standard academic areas.

Relationship and Character Outcomes


The maturing CISP learner will:

♦ demonstrate an understanding of how the gospel of grace applies to interpersonal relationships (Mt. 18:21-35);

♦ demonstrate an understanding of how to apply basic biblical principles regarding major areas of human concern (money, sexuality, stewardship of God’s world, social justice, etc.);

♦ reflect the character of Christ as a means of thanksgiving for grace shown, rather than as a way of establishing his or her own legalistic righteousness or moral superiority;

♦ show an ability to handle relational conflict in a way that honors Christ (Mt. 18:15-17);

♦ demonstrate love for others in the CISP community in practical ways, such as welcoming the outsider, resisting exclusive cliques, eschewing gossip, etc.;

♦ demonstrate an adequate and sober self-image as one created in God’s image, marred by sin, yet deeply loved and redeemed in Christ as God’s adopted child.

Community Outcomes


The maturing CISP learner will:

♦ demonstrate a deepening awareness of and sensitivity to those in practical and spiritual need; 

♦ reflect the servant-character of Christ by sharing his or her talents, time, and energy in serving those in the surrounding community; 

as opportunity allows, be active in sharing the gospel of grace in relationships with those outside the CISP community; 

be integrated into a local Christian church and seek to be of help within it; 

♦ demonstrate a deepening respect and love for family members;

♦ demonstrate an understanding of what it means to be a responsible citizen (or resident) of the country where he/she resides;

♦ find creative ways of being salt and light in the community, being a healing and transforming influence in society.

Institutional Goals for CISP


In addition to the outcomes expected in teaching, guiding and forming the CISP learner, CISP endeavors to:

♦ provide an education that is Christ-centered, displaying an understanding of how the Christian worldview applies to all areas of knowledge;

♦ demonstrate what a community of grace looks like by treating the students and each other with the same gentleness and compassion which God uses in dealing with us;

♦ provide a relationally nurturing community space, where children feel accepted and encouraged to find and strengthen their gifts, and further develop weak areas;

♦ provide a launching pad for students to be more involved in their communities in healing and creative ways;

♦ provide the above at a price that is as affordable as possible to all sectors of the Czech and expat communities, and in so doing, provide a Christian service to our host culture, seeking outside sponsorship to help make available the possibility of a Christian education to those who could not otherwise afford to send their children to CISP;

♦ provide assistance to the home-schooling community within the Czech Republic;

♦ expose families to biblical literacy and issues of faith;

♦ become and remain a fully recognized member of the Czech educational system as an English-language, faith-based international school;

♦ become and remain fully accredited by the appropriate accrediting agency (ACSI);

♦ become independent with respect to facilities by purchasing our own building(s) when it becomes fiscally possible and responsible to do so.