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In 2003, several parents saw a need for an affordable education in English that integrated biblical faith in learning. They desired to offer this education to expat and Czech families.  A school board of six members was established, and founding documents were developed. 

CISP in 2004
On 8 September 2004, CISP opened its doors with ten American missionary students. We offered a kindergarten/first grade and classes for 6th-9th graders.

By the end of the first year, we grew to 18 students.  Our student population multiplied in the early years, with students coming from different countries and varied backgrounds.  Over the years we have seen students from 25 different countries.  Our first 12th grade student graduated in June 2008, and has since graduated from college. Our graduates have been accepted into North American and European universities. 

As our student population grew, so did our staff and facilities. We began with two classrooms rented from an elementary Czech school, and now have 21 classrooms, with additional office and resource space.  We currently have 141 full-time students and 19 part-time students. Countries Represented by our Student Population: United States, Korea, Czech Republic, India, Russia, Japan, Greece, Vietnam, Poland, France, Nigeria, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Philippines, Serbia.

We 63 staff members - 39 full-time staff and 24 part-time staff. They are made up of 9 different nationalities. 

CISP is now also a CLEP testing center! This means we are now a testing center for the entire suite of CollegeBoard assessments,
including SAT, PSAT and AP tests. Our facility is able to offer a testing space for students not only from other schools but also
from other countries. This is an exciting development as it will better serve our students and help us in our efforts to
continually find new ways to serve the Czech community.

The Association of Christian School International (ACSI) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) granted accreditation to CISP in 2013.  CISP is also recognized by MŠMT (Czech Ministry of Education) since 2013.