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  Name Title Group
Lily Božovská Božovská, Lily Administrative Assistant Staff
Terry Chumbley Chumbley, Terry Director / Principal Staff
Andrea Craddock Craddock, Andrea AP/Curriculum Coordinator/ MS Geography/ HS Literature Staff
Abbey Flaherty Flaherty, Abbey Human Resources Manager Staff
Lori Gregory Gregory, Lori School Counselor Staff
Romana Grindeland Grindeland, Romana Business Manager Staff
Robin Harsh Harsh, Robin Administrative Assistant Staff
Marketa Huber Huber, Marketa Communications Staff
Julia Kim Kim, Julia Admissions / Marketing Staff
Mark W. Krahn Krahn, Mark W. Librarian Staff
Renee McLean McLean, Renee Administrative Assistant to the Director/ Bible grade 6 Staff
Vicky Mobley Mobley, Vicky Principal Staff
Katie O'Boyle O'Boyle, Katie School Nurse Staff
Jodi Oppenhuizen Oppenhuizen, Jodi AP Psychology / Development / Counselor Staff
Kate Parker Parker, Kate Academic Administrator Staff
Eric Reigle Reigle, Eric IT Manager Staff
Matt Schonhoff Schonhoff, Matt Assistant Director/Operations Staff
Rindee Tucker Tucker, Rindee Admissions Manager Staff