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Historically, CISP has prepared its high school students primarily for higher education in the United States.  However, with more and more students interested in studying elsewhere, we are advising students to seriously consider taking AP (Advanced Placement) exams.  Most European universities accept American high school diplomas with 2-5 passing AP exam scores. (A passing score is generally between 2-5). 


The school counselor is happy to meet with students at any time to discuss life after high school.  Whether it is for some brief career counseling, taking an interests survey, or discussing a student’s interests or concerns about life after CISP, the school counselor is available for all students.  


The school takes yearly ‘field trips’ for the PSAT exams.  SAT and ACT exam locations are also available in Prague. CISP seeks to provide elective courses in areas that best match the educational and career directions of our student body.