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In grades 9 through 12, most classes meet for 45 minutes, four or five times per week. 

The courses at CISP follow a United States curriculum with limited flexibility. For example, a wide range of literature and world history is studied; both metric and US customary systems of measurement are used, etc. Also, we are sensitive to students who need specific courses for entrance into universities in their home countries and help students meet requirements as we are able. We allow homeschooling families to send their children to our school for individual classes when we offer courses and schedules that meet their needs.

English Language Learning - all ELL students are encouraged to obtain additional English instruction (tutoring) outside of CISP’s program. This is especially recommended for children in grades 4 and above. Arranging and paying for this extra tutoring is the responsibility of the parents.

We recognize that all truth comes from God.  This means we seek the best resources from both Christian and non-Christian authors and publishers and encourage students to read books from both.  In fact, we see it as a crucial part of teaching the students how to think about and relate to the world around them. They need to be exposed to the various philosophies and beliefs present in the unbelieving world, and taught how to respond from a Christian perspective, sifting truth from error.  Then they may live in the world with confidence, having been firmly grounded in the truth.