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Sevenstar Academy is not your traditional brick and mortar school. It is an online education system which allows for greater flexibility in both providing and acquiring an education. CISP partners with Sevenstar Academy to provide classes which we might not have the staff or space to provide in our school facility or for credit recovery. For students wanting to take specialized courses, or for students who have need of a flexible school schedule, Sevenstar is the best option. It is a fully accredited online school which allows CISP to guarantee that credits received through a Sevenstar course will be successfully applied to the student's transcript. Registration is now done by the parents and not CISP.


The Christian International School of Prague has been a Sevenstar Partner for several years.  This partnership has allowed CISP students to enroll in Sevenstar online courses at a reduced rate, with CISP academic support included.

CISP has recently been notified that all student tuition fees from Sevenstar through CISP are subject to VAT tax.  This tax no longer makes enrolling in Sevenstar through CISP at a beneficial rate to students.  As of 2 January 2018, all CISP students will need to enroll with Sevenstar on their own and no longer through CISP.

Students are still encouraged to enroll through Sevenstar for all online course needs as CISP still recognizes Sevenstar courses to meet academic requirements set forth by CISP.  All Sevenstar grades will also be included in GPA calculations on CISP transcripts.

If you desire to take any online or outsourced courses from an institution other than Sevenstar, please communicate with the school counselor ( prior to enrolling in the course.  CISP does reserve the right to not accept outside courses which do not meet the academic standards of CISP.

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