Why Choose CISP?
Christian International School of Prague is open to families of all nationalities who are interested in an
academically excellent,
accredited education
from a Christian perspective,
for grades 1 - 12. (ages 6 - 18).
Core curriculum is taught in English by native English speakers.
Students also study Czech with native Czech speakers in classes suited to their level. 
In addition, CISP is...
  • a close-knit and supportive school community. 
  • diverse. Students represent over 20 nationalities.
  • flexible to accommodate various needs, including mid-year enrollment.
  • practically oriented. Our curriculum provides hands-on and experiential learning activities.
  • supporting and offering classes to homeschoolers and part-time students.

 We love our students and families!

Some of the special academic programs that we offer include:
  • English Language Learning (ELL) - individual and group classes for academic English proficiency
  • Discovery -  National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) based educational therapy
  • AP® courses - preparation for Advanced Placement (AP) exams recognized by European and U.S. universities
  • Class trips to other countries and local field trips, integrated with classroom learning and building community