ELL English Language Learners

CISP provides an American-style academically excellent educational program taught in English to students from many nations. One of the goals of the school is to prepare its graduates for admission to colleges and universities in North America and around the world. Therefore, students who are admitted must be fluent in English to flourish in the classroom. If there is space available in a classroom or grade, ELL students may be admitted on a case by case basis. 

In core subjects, they will be evaluated according to the school’s grading scale. Their assessment conditions may be modified according to their ELL needs. At the end of the grading period, the subject teachers will write comments to the given grade and state how the grading/expectations were modified for ELL reasons. A significant part of the grade should be effort, attitude and attendance.

In other classes such as ELL, Art, Music, PE, Bible Survey and sometimes Mathematics, they will be graded according to the school’s grading scale without modifications.

All ELL students are encouraged to obtain additional English instruction (tutoring) outside of CISP’s program. This is especially recommended for children in grades 4 and above. Arranging and paying for this extra tutoring is the responsibility of the parents.

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