High School
In grades 9 through 12, most of the classes are on a block schedule: 1½ hour classes, two times per week.  
Graduation Requirements
The following table lists the minimum credits required for graduation, depending on the track each student chooses. 
Our Course Catalog has more details on the four different tracks, expectations for class load, and exceptions available to multilingual students.
Honors Courses
Some of the classes available to students are honors courses.  At CISP, an honors course is an in-depth university preparatory course that will be a learning experience distinguished from traditional coursework by qualitatively different and higher academic expectations impacting both the faculty member(s) and the students.  The purpose of an honors course is to show students how knowledge in the discipline is discovered, developed, evaluated, argued, tested, compared and applied.  Because of the high caliber of curriculum, these classes carry a weighted grade, as noted in the table above.  
Preparation for University Entrance 
CISP makes an effort to provide university-preparatory classes.  Several classes in the eleventh and twelfth grades are designed to help students prepare to take an Advanced Placement (AP) exam.  
If students are interested in taking classes that are not currently offered, CISP is willing to provide courses through the online school Sevenstar Academy.  Some of these courses may give students dual credit.  
We are sensitive to students who need specific courses for entrance into universities in their home countries and help these students meet requirements as we are able. 
Part Time
We allow home schooling families to send their children to our school for individual classes when we offer courses and schedules that meet their needs. 
Please view our Course Catalog to learn more about our high school program and to see a list of courses including a description, credits, and pre-requisites.