Knight School


The Knight School at CISP was started as a resource for families inside and outside the school community.  Please contact us if you have ideas for additional courses or activities in the future.




Fitness - Circuit Training





Garrett Parker, personal trainer and PE coach at CISP, has done a wonderful job equipping the gym with the latest gear to get us in shape. He will be in the gym and available to advise and train people on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9-10 am. Teachers may use the gym free of charge and others may make a donation (paid to the donation box in the gym). The gym is available at other times as well. For more information, contact Garrett Parker.



CISP Pickleball Club

* We are already playing this August before the start of the school year.  If anyone is interested in playing or learning how to play, please contact Jodi Oppenhuizen ( Our club is open to parents, students, staff and friends of CISP in the Prague community.

With over 2 million players worldwide, Pickleball is the fastest growing paddle sport in North America. It is quickly spreading to Europe with clubs in Belgium, England, Finland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine and now the Czech Republic. The CISP Pickleball Club is the first pickleball club that has been started in the Czech Republic. It was started in May, 2014.


The game is a mix between tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It is played with wooden or graphite paddles and a modified, plastic wiffle ball. Pickleball is played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court with a slightly modified tennis net. Games are usually played two against two.


We also have a private CISP Pickleball Facebook group page where we have the latest updates on what is happening with pickleball at CISP.  Anyone in our school community is welcome to join and may invite others that are not connected with the school.  Members of our club are players living in and around Prague. Visitors In Prague are welcome to play with us if it is arranged ahead of time. 


For more information, contact Jodi Oppenhuizen at or