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FOR NEW STUDENTS: To register for hot meals, please contact the office (in person, by phone 272 730 091 or email

The cafeteria offers two menu options daily - mostly Czech cuisine. The cafeteria is owned and operated by the Czech school system and is closed when there are Czech Holidays that sometimes do not correspond with CISP Holidays. Parents will always be informed through email and the Parents Web on such occasions. 

Login to order meals (if you are signed up and registered with the office)

If you are registered and wish to pay: Bank transfer – Bank Account Number 38234021 / 0100. Each child needs to get a Variable Symbol number from cafeteria office to identify the payments.

Lunch prices (defined by what age the child reaches during the school year):
 Age 7 – 10………63 CZK/per lunch ............. 1,260 CZK per month (approximately)
 Age 11 – 14…….65 CZK/per lunch ............ 1,300 CZK per month (approximately)
 Age 15 and older…68 CZK/per lunch ........... 1,360 CZK per month (approximately)

Please note that the Cafeteria is not part of our school, we just happen to be in the building where there is a cafeteria conveniently placed, therefore ordering and paying for lunches is entirely your responsibility, if you choose to sign up your child to eat there. CISP is not in anyway responsible should you forget to pay or order your child‘s lunch ahead of time. 



Daily Menu

 Friday September 25

Soup: Meat broth with hails
Lunch 1: Baked potatoes with eggs, onion, cheese, cream and ham, milk dessert
Lunch 2: Pasta with zucchini and parmesan cheese, milk dessert

Tuesday September 29

Soup: Caraway seeds with dripping soup

Lunch 1: Beef goulash, pasta, fruit

Lunch 2: Mozzarella-tomatoes-olives pizza, fruit

Wednesday September 30

Soup: Egg soup

Lunch 1: Baked duck breasts, dumplings, cabbage, fruit purée

Lunch 2: Gnocchi with bryndza cheese and onion, fruit purée, kefir milk

Thursday October 1

Soup: Cauliflower soup

Lunch 1: Turkey with mushrooms, bulgur, yogurt

Lunch 2: Baked potato with pasta and cheese beetroot salad, yogurt

Friday October 2

Soup: Fish soup with croutons

Lunch 1: Pork, mashed potatoes, compote

Lunch 2: -----