4 Ways to Partner with CISP
1.  PRAY:

 Please partner with us by praying for:

  • CISP to remain a light in this atheistic country
  • more students come to know the Lord.
  • staff positions will be filled
  • work teams to come
  • additional finances to be provided
2. GIVE:    www.cisprague.org/giving

Current Needs:

  • Scholarship to refugee families: $ 15,000
  • Chapel $ 9,000 - New chairs (100), utility tables (10), a projector and screen, a sound board and musical equipment
  • By bringing a work team.
  • By bringing a team to help restore our hardwood floors.
  • By providing furniture, equipment, or remodeling materials.
  • By providing expertise in areas of IT, etc.
For more information on how you can join, please contact us at development@cisprague.org

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If you would like to receive occasional updates from CISP, please email us at: