Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Defining moment!

With over 100 people intently listening, the Deputy Mayor of Prague 2, Otto Schwarz, spoke;“I saw on your website that God worked miracles in Prague for you to receive this important recognition after many attempts. I must agree, I know what I am talking about as a representative of authorities. Without help of God, there is often no chance to succeed through the application by authorities in  our country.” He went on to say; 


“But, God has been on your side and now you are at the beginning of a new era of your school.”


Mission Being Accomplished!

Christian International School of Prague’s mission is to develop students who express their faith by thinking biblically, and loving and serving their communities.

Anna Doubkova, Teen Challenge, shared why that is a reality in Prague, she stated;

“Once a week students came to teen challenge to serve. I’d like to emphasize the qualities in their attitude,kindness and patience. We are very appreciative of how CISP students put aside their own concerns like being tired when they were with our kids. They came because they wanted to serve.” 


God is still preforming miracles, and this is just one example. Christian International School of Prague is deeply thankful for all your prayers and support to make this happen!