Sponsoring Missions Organizations

Teaching at the Christian International School of Prague means being a missionary. We ask of our staff to raise their own support. While this can be a daunting process for some prospective teachers, we feel it is necessary and even helpful for the following reasons:

  • Raising support solidifies your call. CISP wants teachers who have been called by God to serve. Raising support is one way that God can communicate that He truly wants you in Prague teaching at this school.

  • Raising support is a faith-strengthening process. God can use the process to build your trust in Him. Further, it strengthens your own sense of dependence on Him as you see Him provide what you need.

  • Raising support helps keep our tuition low. We strive to keep tuition as affordable as possible for all students. Some come from missionary families with a limited income; others come from Czech families who cannot afford a high tuition. The single largest expense of any typical school is teacher salaries.  

  • When raising support, funding is only part of the picture, and not even the most important part. You will ask people to pray for you and for God's provision and grace in your life. Prayer support is crucial for your time in Prague. 

  • Raising support, either through your home church or through a sending organization, helps provide valuable feedback about your own readiness to handle a cross-cultural situation and your own spiritual maturity. Further, being connected to a sending organization or a church gives you accountability--people who will ask you how you are coping with the different pressures of being a missionary teacher.

  • While support-raising can be daunting, you need not do it alone. Your sending organization will provide support-raising ideas, training and support from those who are experienced at raising and maintaining support.


Our teachers and staff are sponsored through a variety of missions organizations:

Image result for mission next logo connects God’s people who want to serve in missions with Christian Schools outside the U.S. and Canada and Mission Agencies that are looking for workers. With our unique matching system, you’ll receive personalized opportunities suited to your interests and skills. Our service is free to individuals who wish to submit a Profile and very inexpensive for Schools.