Staff Openings
We are currently recruiting for many positions. If you are able to serve Christ in any of the following teaching or administrative roles, please contact
Teaching Positions
IT Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Elementary Teachers, Elementary PE
Spanish Teacher
French Teacher
Music Teacher
Teacher's Aide
Substitute Teacher
Secondary Math Teacher
Secondary Humanities Teacher
MS Bible Teacher
English Language Learning Teacher

Staff Positions

IT Manager
Staff Chaplain

Student Chaplain

STEM Coordinator

Afterschool Clubs

We are also looking for clubs suitable for kids between 6 - 12 years old to be run at our school. We are considering painting, drawing, ceramic, ballet, aerobics, ball games and Martial Arts. 
The clubs that will qualify will be advertised among the kids and their families during September 2018 and they will be able to freely sign up according to their interest.
If you are able to run any of the above mentioned clubs or want to share a new idea for us to consider, please contact