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Goal of CISP AfterCare Program for Elementary students


To provide a safe environment for children who are unable to  be collected after regular school hours. This service is applicable to children from Grade 1 to Grade 4.

Aftercare runs during the term, Monday to Friday from 14:00 - 17:00. Children who are singed up for clubs leave to clubs from aftercare and sometimes return to aftercare after their club is over.  Check out our club HERE.

Aftercare does not run when the school is closed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Main Office or stop by. 

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The cost of the Aftercare program is CZK 4,000 per semester, per student and CZK 7,000 per year, per student. Full payment for the Aftercare Program is due at least 5 working days before the semester begins to CISP bank account num.  2201491001/5500, VS 6023420. Please, write the name of your child/children to identify your payment.

Students who attend aftercare without making prior payment will be billed an additional surcharge of 50 CZK per day, per child.

Reimbursement can be requested if you wish to remove your child from the Aftercare program. To request reimbursement parents/guardians must complete the Aftercare Refund Form which can be found under documents on Sycamore.

The reimbursement will be calculated at a prorated rate for the number of days/months used over the course of the pre-paid semester.

Late Pick-up Fee: Children not collected by 17:00  (school closing time) will be taken back to the Main Office and supervised. Parents will be charged CZK 100 per 15 min. until they arrive.  The fee must be paid in the Business Office before the student is allowed to return to Aftercare.

Applying for the CISP School Aftercare Program:

Parents/Guardians must complete the Aftercare Program registration form.

Parents/Guardians must complete the Aftercare weekly schedule - Which informs CISP of the hours your student(s) will participate in the Aftercare program and who is authorized to pick your student up from aftercare (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.).

Parents/Guardians accept that the cost of the Aftercare program is CZK 4,000 per semester, per student and CZK 7,000 per year, per student.

Aftercare pick-up procedures:

Departure and entry time will be recorded by the aftercare supervisor.

Students may only be picked-up by the parent and/or chaperone named on the Aftercare registration form

The designated chaperone must sign the daily log when he/she picks up the student(s)

Students may only sign themselves out of Aftercare if this option was selected by the parents/guardians on the Aftercare registration form.


Restricted entrance to the Aftercare center:

Unauthorized personnel will not be permitted in the Aftercare center during operation due to health and safety reasons.

Only CISP employees and staff and its legal representatives will be permitted in the aftercare center.

Only the designated parent/guardian or individual named on the Aftercare Registration form will be permitted in the aftercare center during pick-up times.

Students will be excluded from the aftercare program for violation of CISP rules, in particular:

♦Rude and inappropriate behavior towards other children or aftercare staff members

♦Fighting or violent behavior towards other children or aftercare staff members

♦Consistently late pickup by parent or approved chaperone

♦Failure to provide payment or required paperwork to aftercare program director