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Music classes 


Private lessons on a variety of musical instruments

Music theory

Music Appreciation

Musical performances are held throughout the school year: a Christmas concert, a secondary performance (musical or play), and a spring concert.  Twice a year, students that take idividual music classes, have a recital.


Honor Choir and Orchestra

Each year select CISP students participate in the ACSI Europe Honor Choir and Orchestra, made up of students representing Christian International Schools throughout Europe.  Students and teachers meet each year with the purpose to draw closer to God through the worshipful act of singing and instrumental playing; to advance the education of students and teachers by developing their understanding, knowledge and appreciation of music; to encourage high standards of musical performance in students; to inspire creativity through valuable music repertoire.

On March 12, 2017 CISP hosted the Honor Choir and Orchestra with a concert performance at St.Salvator Church, Prague.

Watch the 2017 ACSI Honor Choir & Orchestra Concert