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The Page is a student-run news blog for the Christian International School of Prague. This blog was created as a part of a semester-long project in the Secondary Journalism Class. The content on this blog is student driven and student produced. Students pitch their own ideas for articles, conduct interviews and assemble the content they gather into weekly articles.

The vision for The Page is that it would be a window into the community and culture at C.I.S.P., and that it would glorify God by encouraging students to think creatively and engage with their community.

The name of this blog, The Page, is a play on words. It is a reference to the pages of a newspaper and also the medieval youths who would serve knights. As C.I.S.P.’s mascot is a knight, we thought this was fitting.

If you have any questions about this blog or the Journalism class at C.I.S.P., please contact Mrs. LeGault:


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