Teaching at CISP
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The CISP staff is not just a team. The staff is a motivated group of people converging in Prague from different states and countries to fulfill a shared vision. The staff is like a big family filled with laughter, creativity, a sense of adventure and flexibility. 

CISP staff members are God-dependent people that view prayer as essential for both daily life and major decisions. The staff meet regularly together each week for times of prayer and devotions.

Though staff members work closely together during the school day, they still find time to spend time together outside of school.  The first Friday each month is set aside for informal staff dinners at local restaurants.  Staff members also regularly participate in activities together in Prague and plan trips outside of Prague during school breaks.

Teaching at the Christian International School of Prague means being a missionary. We ask of our staff to raise their own support. While this can be a daunting process for some prospective teachers, we feel it is necessary and even helpful for all these reasons.