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Portrait of a Graduate

It is our desire and goal that all CISP students will be developing the following attributes while at CISP and the following characteristics will be evident in the life of a CISP graduate:











Maturing CISP students...

  • Trust only in Jesus for salvation and are growing through a personal relationship with him
  • See themselves as created in God’s image, marred by sin, redeemed and loved
  • Demonstrate Christlike character and behavior
  • Display gratefulness and joy in the Lord
  • Interpret the world through a biblical worldview

Academically Excellent


Maturing CISP students...

  • Evaluate written and spoken words with wisdom
  • Speak and write skillfully and graciously
  • Practice intellectual virtues: tenacity, courage, humility, carefulness, fair-mindedness and honesty
  • Cultivate habits of imagination and inquisitiveness that make life-long learners
  • Think critically and creatively and engage in problem-solving

Practically Oriented 


Maturing CISP students...

  • Are responsible, productive and compassionate members of society
  • Apply biblical principles to practical areas of life including money and sexuality
  • Care for God's creation as God-appointed stewards
  • Practice justice and mercy with those in physical and spiritual need
  • Share their talents and time to serve the community

Loving Community 


Maturing CISP students...

  • Love and respect all people as image bearers of God
  • Build a community of grace and handle conflict in a Christ honoring way
  • Work collaboratively with others, demonstrating God's grace
  • Share and articulately uphold their beliefs within loving relationships
  • Worship and serve in a local Christian church

Institutional Goals for CISP


In addition to the outcomes expected in teaching, guiding and forming the CISP learner, CISP endeavors to:

  • provide an education that is Christ-centered, displaying an understanding of how the Christian worldview applies to all areas of knowledge;
  • demonstrate what a community of grace looks like by treating the students and each other with the same gentleness and compassion which God uses in dealing with us;
  • provide a relationally nurturing community space, where children feel accepted and encouraged to find and strengthen their gifts, and further develop weak areas;
  • provide a launching pad for students to be more involved in their communities in healing and creative ways;
  • provide the above at a price that is as affordable as possible to all sectors of the Czech and expat communities, and in so doing, provide a Christian service to our host culture, seeking outside sponsorship to help make available the possibility of a Christian education to those who could not otherwise afford to send their children to CISP;
  • provide assistance to the home-schooling community within the Czech Republic;
  • expose families to biblical literacy and issues of faith;
  • become and remain a fully recognized member of the Czech educational system as an English-language, faith-based international school;
  • become and remain fully accredited by the appropriate accrediting agency (ACSI);
  • become independent with respect to facilities by purchasing our own building(s) when it becomes fiscally possible and responsible to do so.