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An Advanced Placement (AP) course is an in-depth university preparatory course that will be a learning experience distinguished from traditional coursework by qualitatively different and higher academic expectations impacting both the faculty member(s) and the students. The purpose is to show students how knowledge in the discipline is discovered, developed, evaluated, argued, tested, compared and applied.

Students are expected to take a greater responsibility for the process of learning than in traditional courses. This responsibility WILL include spending non-class time learning and reviewing basic and advanced course material beyond the normal limits of traditional class parameters. Students should expect significantly more homework; AP courses are not limited to CISP’s standard homework guidelines. In addition, students will be required to do summer assignments in preparation for the class. Because of the high caliber of curriculum, these classes carry a weighted grade.

An AP class is designed to prepare the student for taking the Advanced Placement exam for that specific course. The AP exam may give the student college course credit(s) if a minimum exam score is reached. Please visit AP Central on the College Board webpage to find out more about the Advanced Placement program and visit your prospective college websites or admissions offices to see what AP courses and scores are accepted.

Students who register to take AP courses offered through this CISP course catalog will be charged an additional fee AP course. This fee will cover additional materials, additional instruction time and the AP exam enrollment fee.  The number of various AP courses offered varies by year, but generally, the number of courses offered per year is increasing. 

For inquiries/questions about the AP program please contact Carol Lillard (