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Outsourced Foreign Language High School Credits

Christian International School of Prague aims to offer as many high school foreign language classes as possible so that our students will be equipped to fulfill the school’s vision and the philosophy of the foreign language department.

Being limited by space, staff, scheduling issues, and money, CISP is not always able to provide a wide selection of language courses within the school. Some students want to learn more than one foreign language (FL) or want to learn languages not offered at CISP. Yet we still want to enable our students to gain their two required high school foreign language credits through different esteemed institutions in Prague under the supervision and guidance of the CISP foreign language department head (DH).

Through the Outsourced Foreign Language High School Credits option, students may earn not only the knowledge but also the high school credits for studying the languages they take an interest in. A student could, for example, study one FL at CISP and one at the other recommended institution. 

Students may choose out of these languages at the below mentioned institutions. We intentionally limit the institutions to those that set standards for international testing and language program development in their languages. Private tutors are strongly discouraged. They may be permitted only in cases of “exotic” languages.

  • French – Institut Francais Prague -
  • Italian – Istituto Italiano di Cultura -
  • German – Goethe Institut -
  • Spanish – Instituto Cervantes -
  • Russian – Ruské středisko vědy a kultury v Praze -
  • Chinese (Mandarin) – Chinese Point –

Other languages only upon discussion and permission of the Foreign Language Department Head.

On the final transcript from CISP, the student would have both languages mentioned including the grade and equivalent of credits earned.

To earn one FL outsourced credit the student must:

  1. Each student is responsible to talk to the FL DH about his or her intention to gain Outsourced Foreign Language High School Credits prior to submitting a request form. The DH will be able to advise the student and help him or her navigate through the process. Please note, that a student who already has e.g. A2 level of a given language will need to take a course that aims towards level B1 (and also pass B1 exam). 
  2. Submit a complete Request for Outsourced Foreign Language High School Credit form by 1 October to the Foreign Language Department Head.
  3. Attend at least 120 forty-five-minute classes (30 weeks x 4 classes) at the chosen institution.
  4. Successfully pass a standardized exam and bring the certificate to the FL DH no later than two weeks before they need to have the credit on the transcript (see below the list of accepted certificates).

         French: DELF* or DALF
         Italian: CELI or CILS
         German: Goethe-Zertifikat
         Spanish: DELE** or SIELE
         Russian: TORFL***
         Chinese (Mandarine): HSK
  5. The earned final grade will be on the student’s CISP transcript.

CISP is not responsible for the student’s learning progress and academic outcomes in those courses that are taken at outside institutions.

We are aware that some institutions run by semesters and some by trimesters. For this reason, we allow grades to be submitted at a later time, e.g. in the fall the following year, depending on the schedule of the outside institution. Nevertheless, students are responsible for making sure their certificate comes on time. They need to bring it to the FL DH at least 2 weeks prior to the date they need the credit to be on transcript. 

We especially advise senior students to pay attention to when they need to take the exam in order to get the certificate ahead of time to ensure their graduation. Some institutions might take months to issue the certificate, therefore inform yourself ahead of time. Without the certificate, students cannot obtain the credit.

The cost of gaining outsourced credits is not included in the CISP tuition. Students must pay separately for the classes and all materials and resources required by the language institutions. Standardized exams are also at students' own expenses.

The student must be proactive about seeking out the FL DH during the year to show his or her continuous language progress. The FL DH is not responsible for ensuring the student’s progress or supervising the student’s preparation for the exams.

*Instead of taking the regular DELF for adults, CISP students can take the version called “DELF junior” or “DELF scolaire” which are suitable for high school students.

**Students aged 11-17 can also take the version “DELE para escolares”.

***Including the levels TEL (A1) and TBL (A2).