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CISP reserves the right to admit students on the basis of academic performance, English language proficiency, religious commitment, lifestyle choices, and personal qualifications, including a willingness to cooperate with CISP administration and to abide by its policies. 

Admissions Process

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Please contact our Admissions Team by completing the Inquiry form. You may use the form to request additional information about CISP and to arrange a tour of the school prior to applying. During your tour we will explain the admissions and enrollment processes and answer any questions you may have about life at CISP or Prague in general.
Feel free to contact us at if you have additional questions. 
The application is online, and parents will be asked to upload school records (report cards/vysvědčení) from previous schools, translated in English or Czech.  
  • Grades 1-5:  1 full year report
  • Grades 6-10:  2 full year reports
  • Grades 11-12:  3 full year reports
A non-refundable application fee of 4000 CZK is due at this time of submission.  Applications are not considered complete until all requested documents and the application fee have been received. 
Please note that students applying to Grade 1 must be 6 years old by 1 September of the school year they are applying. 
Once your completed application is received by the Admissions Team we will contact you to schedule the Entrance Exams and/or Interviews. Students must be present in Prague for the entrance exams, as these exams are not available online.  Students do not need to prepare for these, and we don't want them to feel nervous. This is only one of several pieces of information considered as we determine acceptance and grade placement. Students should get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. They don't need to bring anything, though they may bring a water bottle. The following details will give you and your child an idea of what to expect: 
Grade 1 - Readiness Interview: Your child will have an interview* with our Grade 1 teacher. This usually takes about an hour. During the interview the teacher will determine the following:
  • If the student is ready physically, socially, and academically to begin Grade 1
  • What the student's English language proficiency level is and if they will need English Language Learner (ELL) classes

*If your student does not speak English, we request that parents arrange for an interpreter (not a relative) to accompany the student to the interview.  CISP can arrange an interpreter for Czech or Korean-speaking families. 

Grade 2-12 - English Proficiency Exam: All non-native English speaking students are required to take the ELL exam first. This exam consists of the following sections:
  • Written
  • Oral
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
This exam takes about 1 hour for elementary students, and sometimes up to 3 hours for older students. 
Grades 2-12 - Entrance Exam: The Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT) consists of the following sections:
  • Word Reading
  • Sentence Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics

This exam takes about 1 hour. 

Parent/Guardian Interview with School Director: This is an informal interview with the School Director. (The interview may be conducted by the Principal or School Counselor, when the Director is unavailable.) Parents are free to ask questions about academics and school life in general at CISP.  This interview provides our School Director with an opportunity to meet new families and learn about your student. 

This interview usually takes about half an hour, and will be scheduled during your child's entrance exam or first grade readiness interview.  After, you are welcome to wait in the library for your child to finish her exam, or to go out and we will call you when your child is finished. 

Once the Entrance Exam and Parent/Guardian Interview have been completed, the school leadership will review your student's application. This team will meet to determine grade placement and whether concurrent enrollment in ELL classes will be required for your student. Grade placement is based on the following factors:
  1. Current age of the student
  2. Academic English language skills
  3. Entrance exams/interview results 
  4. Grade reports from previous schools
  5. Most recent grade level completed
  6. Anticipated parent/guardian involvement.

After the school leadership has made a grade placement decision, you will be emailed the official Acceptance Letter.

This letter will state into which grade your child has been accepted and whether he or she will be required to enroll in ELL classes.  It will also include instructions about completing the Enrollment Process through the FACTS Family Portal. 

Step 1. Complete the electronic portion of the Enrollment Packet through the FACTS Family Portal. Upload clear, color pdf files of the following:

  • Student's Passport (photo page only)
  • Student's Visa or Biometric card (front and back, non-EU students only)
  • Student's Medical Insurance card (front and back)

Step 2. Pay the 6 000 CZK Enrollment Fee (per student) and first tuition payment

Step 3. Complete the following paperwork. You may submit these during Family Orientation.  

The following documents are required for those students living with a Legal Guardian (other than a parent):

All new families must attend the required orientation.

During this meeting, enrollment documents will be reviewed, and receipt of fees and first tuition payment will be confirmed. Families will receive training on the FACTS Family Portal where parents can track their student's progress in classes, follow homework and missing assignments, and keep current on events and activities happening at CISP.  The student's first day of classes will be decided once Orientation is completed.

After this, the student will be considered enrolled at CISP, and parents will receive an email confirming enrollment.

English Language Requirements

We expect all enrolling students to have academic English language proficiency as outlined below:

  • Grades 1-2 students with all levels of English may be accepted, unless the maximum ratio of ELL students for these two grade levels has been reached. For more information regarding ELL ratio maximums, contact the Admissions office at
  • Grades 3-5 students must have an A1 (CEFR*) English language competency level.
  • Grades 6-8 students must have an A2 (CEFR*) English language competency level.
  • Grades 9-10 students must have a B1 (CEFR*) English language competency level.
  • Grades 11-12 students must have a B2 (CEFR*) English language competency level.

*CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Students applying for Grades 3-10 who do not meet the minimum language requirement may be accepted at CISP in a lower grade level to allow time for their academic English skills to improve. These students will be required to enroll in ELL classes as a condition of their acceptance to CISP. Students enrolled in the ELL program are not permitted to take Czech (as a foreign language) classes until they have completed the ELL program.

Students applying for Grades 11-12 who do not meet the minimum language requirement will not be accepted for enrollment at CISP.

If you would like to test your English language level, follow the link here for free practice exams:

Information Regarding Czech Education Laws

In the Czech Republic, education is compulsory for all students ages 6-15, or until the completion of Grade 9 when compulsory education requirements are satisfied.  According to the law Act. No 561/2004 Sb., § 38 par.1 letter c),  this can be partially done at CISP.  In addition to what CISP provides, parents must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. § 38 par. 3 – children must be registered at another Czech school – „kmenová“ school
  2. § 38 par. 5 -  children must take semester, annual, or biennial exams at their „kmenová“ school
  3. The children must take the exams in the following subjects according to Vyhláška No. 48/2005, § 18 – 21 according to the national curriculum (Rámcový vzdělávací plán = RVP)
  • Czech language – all years of ZŠ
  • Vlastivěda – Grades 1-3
  • Člověk a jeho svět - Grades 4-5
  • History - Grades 6-9
  • Geography - grades 6-9