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♦We provide an academically challenging education in English, for a diverse student body in grades 1 -12. Students are taught by committed and caring Christian teachers, and personalized tutoring is often available.

♦The education at CISP is practically oriented, and our students are challenged to grow into responsible contributors to society. We believe that education should kindle a students’ delight in learning and lay the groundwork for a joyful life of service to the world around us.

♦We offer several special programs: ELL (English Language Learning) for multilingual students to achieve fluency in academic English; and Discovery, to help students with learning disabilities succeed.

♦Students have the opportunity to progress in Czech language studies according to their level.

♦High school students have opportunities to prepare for and take AP (Advanced Placement) exams as well as the SAT and ACT (US college entrance exams).

  1. Complete the online Inquiry form found on the Admissions page: Families will be contacted by an Admissions Representative to arrange an appointment for a tour of the school.
  2. Complete the online application available from the Admissions page and submit student school records as part of the application: (1 full year report for grades 1-5, 2 full year reports for grades 6-10, 3 full year reports for grades 11-12). Submit Language Placement Survey. (4000 CZK Application fee is due at this time of submission.)
  3. Admissions will contact families to arrange all required entrance interviews/exams: Readiness Interview (Grade 1),  English language and Mathematics exams (Grades 2-12).
  4. Parent/Guardian interview with School Director.
  5. Academic Advisory team reviews the student's application, school records, and entrance exam results to determine grade placement.
  6. Acceptance, Denial or Wait List letters are emailed to parents/guardians.
  7. If accepted, complete all Enrollment steps; Electronic Enrollment, paper Enrollment Documents, and pay 6000 CZK Enrollment fee.
  8. Complete mandatory Orientation (August) where parents will receive training for the FACTS Family Portal. Verify that all forms and contracts have been signed and that the first payment has been received.

Please, contact the Admissions Office with any questions at

We teach elementary and secondary students, Grades 1-12 (ages 6-18).

Students applying for Grade 1 must be six years old by 1 September of the school year for which they are applying.

ALL curriculum is taught in English and school life is an English immersion experience. We also offer a full range of Czech language courses for native and non-native speakers. Czech language courses are taught by native Czech speakers. We also offer several levels of German as a foreign language elective for Grade 9-12 students only. Other language electives may be available.

We have a multicultural staff and student body, representing many nationalities (approximately 27 in 2021).

CISP is accredited by ASCI (Association of Christian Schools International), and MSA (Middle States Association), USA.

CISP is recognized by the Czech Ministry of Education.


The school year begins the last week of August and ends in early-June.

Please refer to the current Tuition and Fees chart, available on the website or by contacting the school.

Open Enrollment for new students typically begins in early April.  Applications are also processed over the summer, however, please allow time for an on-site interview and placement testing (English, math, and Czech-if applicable) prior to acceptance.
Enrollment mid-year is possible, if there are available spaces in the requested grade level.
New students will no longer be accepted once the 4th quarter begins (generally mid-March).
  • Current age,
  • requested grade level,
  • academic English ability,
  • results of entrance exams/interviews (ELL & WRAT/Wide-Range Achievement Test), and
  • previous school records

are the key factors the Academic Advisory team uses to determine grade placement.

Yes, each grade level has a minimum English language proficiency requirement for acceptance. Some students will be required to enroll in English Language Learning (ELL) classes as a condition of their acceptance to CISP.

Yes, CISP can only offer part-time enrollment to homeschoolers with USA passports.

Due to homeschooling laws in the Czech Republic part-time enrollment is available only to US citizens or students above the compulsory age of education in the Czech Republic--students over 15, who have completed Grade 9. 

Please contact the Admissions office for more details about part-time admission.

CISP has one class per grade level.

Our classes are small and typically consist of 6-16 students.

Total student enrollment for 2018-19 is 143 students.

Grades 1-5:

Art, music, and PE are included in the regular school day.

After school clubs are available for an additional fee. Examples of past clubs have included: Chess, Krav maga, Lego robotics, Dance, and Comic book workshop

Grades 6-12:

Drama, Honor choir, Student Leadership program, Student Council, and Sports teams (soccer, basketball, and volleyball).

Yes. All students take a number of day/field trips to local sites. The cost for field trips and class trips are included in the Activity fee as part of paid Tuition and fees. Students in grades 6-12 take overnight class trips; these trips typically correlate to their History classes:

Grades 6-8 attend Škola v přírodě (School in Nature) just outside Prague,

Grade 9 visits several German cities to study Martin Luther and the Reformation,

Grade 10 visits the Auschwitz Concentration camp in Poland,

Grade 11 visits the beaches of Normandy and other WWII historical sites in France

Grade 12 as a class these students have the opportunity to choose their class trip


Yes, CISP curriculum offers an academically challenging Advanced Diploma course which can include:

Honors courses for students in Grades 10-12. These are more advanced courses which help students prepare for university.

Advanced Placement (AP courses) with approval from the instructor students in Grades 11 & 12 are permitted to take AP courses.  These courses help students to earn university credit while still attending secondary school. Some EU universities require a minimum number of passed AP courses for acceptance.

After your child is accepted to CISP, we will gladly prepare a Confirmation of Studies letter.  Please use this Google Form to submit a request.  Please allow three days for processing.