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Anastázie Ševčuková
Anastázie Ševčuková
Czech Teacher
Groups: Middle School

I come from Prague. Before becoming a teacher at CISP I was tutoring children and adults helping them with Czech and English. I am currently studying at Charles University - English and Spanish philology.  

I enjoy languages, comparing them, finding similarities and differences and teaching others to enjoy languages as well. I also enjoy music, particularly violin. Finally, I love wandering around in Prague. 

Why CISP: God's providence brought me here through my friend who is also a teacher at CISP. I wish to encourage students to see the beauty of Czech language, and languages in general. I love that I can freely express the Christian faith and that every subject here is taught through biblical integration. It really shows that everything we do and everything that we study has its purpose in God's plan and being able to talk about it during our classes is indeed a great blessing!