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Carolyn Turnau
Carolyn Turnau
Groups: High School

I grew up in Virginia Beach. Winston-Salem, North Carolina is now "home base".

I came to the Czech Republic with Global Scholars (places Christian professors in secular universities).

I studied at University of Virginia - Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I worked as a nurse 14 and a half years in newborn ICU's. I married and now have 3 grown children, all CISP graduates. We moved to Prague in 1999, I was a stay-at-home mom. I started teaching Bible at CISP when it opened in 2004, and we are still here by God's grace.

I enjoy quilting and knitting, reading, swimming, cooking, photography, hospitality, and I am a Bible nerd.

In 2004, we were one of the founding families who wanted to start a new school. Two weeks before CISP opened its doors, my husband volunteered me to be the Bible teacher. I am still here by God's grace.