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Jacob Cavett
Jacob Cavett
English and Bible
Groups: High School,Middle School

My home is Greenville, South Carolina, USA.  I came with Teach Beyond.

I studied English and communication at Anderson University in South Carolina. Before serving at CISP, I worked as an admissions field liaison at a residential high school for the arts, as well as a senior sales specialist for an onsite primary healthcare company. I've known for years that I wanted to live and teach in Prague, so I'm thankful to (finally) serve at CISP!

I enjoy Reading, writing, exploring, biking.

When I first applied to serve in the Czech Republic, my mission organization's only openings were at CISP. Coincidentally, one of my church friends in South Carolina was a CISP graduate and told me how greatly the school impacted her as a young Christian. Once I looked into the school's mission and vision, it became clear that the Lord was leading me to serve at CISP.