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Rachel Conner
Rachel Conner
Groups: High School,Middle School

My home is Delaware, USA. I came with TeachBeyond.

After getting a BA in Humanities (the BEST major), I realized that I wanted to teach history; so I continued my education and earned a MEd. in History. I began my teaching career by spending 4 years in a Christian school outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Next, God sent me to a Christian school on Oahu, Hawaii for 9 years. My summers were spent working at a Christian camp on the Big Island of Hawaii, traveling hither and yon, and visiting my family on the East Coast.

I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, going to the beach :), hiking, sleeping, playing board and card games with friends and family, and cooking.

When I was in the 4th grade, God called me to missions. I've learned that my mission field is teenagers, particularly those in Christian schools. God used my pastor and his series through the gospel of Luke, friends and co-workers, and perfectly set-up circumstances to challenge me to leave my comfort zone and trust Him with my finances, my work, and my life. Looking at different schools around the world, I choose CISP because of the need and its emphasis on biblical integration in each class each day.