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Supporting CISP

Christian International School of Prague is a non-profit organization, based on a high level of stewardship of funds, which does not generate any income for the Board or its Founders. Most CISP teachers raise support for their salary so education at CISP is as affordable as possible. All tuition is used to provide quality facilities, educational programs, and staff for the school. 



The Fellowship Fund

The Fellowship Fund has been created to support the financial needs of our students and families and for needs that go above and beyond the school's operating budget. 

At CISP we have volunteer staff that raise their own support. We do this so that tuition can stay low and affordable for families with many different incomes.

Sometimes a family is not able to afford to pay tuition at a private school, even though CISP has the lowest tuition in Prague. Likewise, sometimes there is a need that is not able to be covered by our operating budget.

Fundable Projects

CISP needs your help with raising funds for four different projects. If you are not able to support our projects with a donation, then please consider sharing the projects with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Aspire Fund Logo

Aspire Fund

CISP continues to look to the future, planning innovative and exciting ways to meet our vision and mission.  We are judiciously planning the next steps of creating an outstanding school in Prague and a facility that makes a difference in the lives of even more students.  Gifts to the Aspire Fund will greatly increase our student capacity. Help us grow!

Support CISP by bank transfer (for Czech Taxpayers)

Our giving is done through our giving partner, TeachBeyond, an American mission organization equipping teachers worldwide. Giving through TeachBeyond means that donations are tax-refundable for American and Canadian citizens.  Czech taxpayers wishing to donate to the Christian International School of Prague (CISP) may do so by making a bank transfer. The finance department is able to give you a tax receipt. The finance department can be contacted at for more information and to request a receipt.

Information for payment by bank transfer:

Paying in the Czech Republic – Raiffeisenbank a.s. account number: 2201491001/5500

Paying from outside the Czech Republic – Raiffeisenbank a.s. 

IBAN: CZ3655000000002201491001    SWIFT Code:  RZBCCZPP