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A New Fridge for Ice Packs

Sometimes our students get hurt during recess or PE. When this happens our Front Office helps our students with first aid. Sometimes an ice pack is needed but the current freezer in the front Office barely has space for ice packs. To provide better care we would like to raise money for a new fridge/freezer combination in which there is enough space for multiple ice packs.

CISP thanks you for your gift towards this fundraiser!

For American and Canadian taxpayers:

Giving is done through TeachBeyond for American and Canadian taxpayers.  You can click here to go to the giving page.

Do you live in the Czech Republic and file Czech taxes?

Then you can give towards this project directly to CISP by bank transfer.. Our finance department is able to give you a tax receipt for your donation. Please put your name + "frigde" in the payment reference for your gift. You can reach our finance department at

Information for payment by bank transfer:
Paying in the Czech Republic – Raiffeisenbank a.s. account number: 2201491001/5500