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Payment Options

During the enrollment process, parents/legal guardians sign the Enrollment Contract and return it to the CISP Admissions Office. Payment is accepted in either Czech crowns (CZK), Euros, or US Dollars. Payments can be made by bank transfer, in cash (by appointment only), or with credit card via CISP website. If paying in Euros or USD, the exchange rate of CNB ( will be used to determine the amount applied to tuition on the day of receipt by CISP Business Manager.

Tuition/fees payment options are selected in the online enrollment process. Payment options are: 

  1. Annual: One (1) payment, due on or before 15 August
  2. Semester: Two (2) payments, due on or before 15 August and 15 January 
  3. Quarterly: Four (4) payments, due on or before 15 August, 15 October, 15 January, and 15 March
  •  Payments should appear in the account on or before the date specified. Late payments are subject to a .05% late charge per day. 

Payments via Bank Transfer:

Paying from a bank in the Czech Republic – Raiffeisenbank a.s. account number: 2201491001/5500
Paying from a bank outside the Czech Republic – Raiffeisenbank a.s. IBAN: CZ3655000000002201491001
(for EU payments) SWIFT Code: RZBCCZPP
QR Code for bank transfers (for use inside your banking app):