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Each week, the students and teachers of CISP come together for chapel.  In chapel we worship God through song, share prayer requests, pray for one another, and listen to speakers who talk on subjects that give us a more accurate picture of who God is. Chapel is led by our school chaplains. 

Elementary chapel is for 1st through 5th grade students, and secondary chapel is for 6th through 12th grade students.  The music in secondary chapel is always student-led.  Occasionally students lead an entire chapel service under the leadership of the chaplains.

Service Projects are highly valued at CISP; therefore all students in grades 9-12 are required to complete 32 hours of service each school year. Students are given opportunities to serve within our school community through helping the school office or teachers and tutoring younger students. Students are also encouraged to participate in a project of their choosing outside of school. Service projects are one way in which we fulfill the Great Commandment to “love your neighbors as we love ourselves” (Matthew 22:39) which aligns with the vision of CISP: Students who are followers of Jesus among the nations expressing their faith by thinking biblically, and loving and serving their communities for Him. 

Some service activities our students are involved in include: Worship Team,  English Clubs, Mission Trips, Tutoring, Translation Ministry
Teacher’s Aide.

By asking our students to engage in service projects, it is our hope that the students at CISP will grow in their desire to give to those who are in need. We do this because our Heavenly Father has graciously given to us in our need. 

Student Leadership