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Czech language class to National Theater and Karlstejn Castle

we travel and learn


CISP offers a variety of field trips that encourage lifetime learning and contribute to a meaningful education. Through these “on-site” learning experiences, we believe that students gain understanding and insight into the world around them. Many of our students have the opportunity to experience the culture and history of Prague and the surrounding area through day trips. These day trips include Prague Castle, the National Museum, Terezín (a concentration camp), Konopiště (Franz Ferdinand’s castle), and more. 

Overnight class trips with a particular educational emphasis are led by CISP teachers.  In years past, our students from grades 9 - 11 have had the opportunity to travel to such places as:

Krakow, Poland – While in Krakow, our students studied Polish and WWII history, met a concentration camp survivor, and visited the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The Reformation Trip – Students traveled through Germany and learned first-hand about the Reformation and the days of Martin Luther.

France Trip – Mont Saint Michel and Normandy beaches.

For grades 6 - 8 we implementend a great Czech schools event that we call "School in nature". Students spend a whole week in the beautiful Czech countryside and participate in nature learning, games, horseback-riding, biking in the woods and so on.

The senior trip in the spring is a time for our soon-to-be graduates to spend time with one another and enjoy the beautiful places around them. Some of the places our seniors have traveled to include London, Istanbul, Lisbon, Mallorca. On their senior trip, students participate in a project to serve the people of the city they visit.

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